Best Breeds Of Cow

Cows are a very popular livestock animal. They provide us with meat, milk, and sometimes even their hides. There are many different breeds of cows, however; some are better suited for one purpose over another. In this article we’ll discuss some of the most common breeds of cows and what they’re best suited for.

Best Breeds Of Cow


The Jersey breed is a good choice for beginning farmers or those who are just starting out. They are a small-framed cow, making them easy to handle and excellent for small farms. They also produce large quantities of high quality milk, which makes them popular with organic dairy farmers and grass-fed producers. Jerseys can be used for rotational grazing on pasture-based farms because they do not need as much food as other breeds to produce the amount of milk they typically do.


Guernsey cows are the world’s most popular dairy cattle, and for good reason. They are known for their high milk production and easy-going nature, making them perfect for beginners who want to raise a cow.

Guernseys were originally bred on Guernsey Island in the English Channel off of France. In fact, Guernseys speak with an accent that sounds similar to a French one! This breed is known for its sweet disposition and gentle nature, which makes them great pets as well as excellent producers of milk on small farms or dairies alike.


The Hereford is a popular breed of cow that can be used for both dairy and beef production. This animal is known for its excellent mothering ability as well as its hardiness. In addition to these attributes, Herefords are also very easy to manage and have exceptionally good temperament.

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This breed has been around since the 1700s, when it was developed from a cross between Shorthorn cattle from England and Longhorn cattle from America. The Hereford is one of the most popular breeds of beef cattle today because it produces high-quality meat with low fat content at an average weight of about 1,000 pounds per year. The cows are black in color with white faces and legs (called “feather face”), which makes them easy to identify on large farms or ranches where they may graze together with other breeds such as Angus or Charolais cattle..


The Angus is a breed of cattle known for its high quality meat.

Angus cattle are black, or sometimes dark red or dun. They have a long history in the United States, dating back to colonial times when they were brought over by Scottish immigrants. These days Angus cows are raised all over the country, and they’re often used as dairy cows or beef cattle in other countries too!


The Holstein-Friesian is a breed of dairy cattle that originated in the Netherlands. It is one of the most popular breeds in the world today and is known for producing large volumes of milk with relatively little feed. The average cow will produce 20,000 litres per lactation period.

A medium-sized animal, it has a large frame with strong bones and legs to support its weight. The horns are short and thin with a spiral twist that points upwards; they are not normally removed as they can be useful when handling young calves or restraining older bulls during breeding season.

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The coat colouring is primarily black or red with white patches on its face, belly, udder and eyes; however some individuals may have more white than others (known as “red”).

Norwegian Red

Norwegian Red is an old breed of cattle that originated in Norway. They are good for milk production and have a high yield of meat.

They are also good for beef, wool, milk and cheese production. The Norwegian Red has a red coat with white markings around the face and legs.

Beef master

The Beef master is a breed of cattle developed from the Brahman and Angus breeds. The Beef master is a large animal with a red or brown coat. It has been used for both meat and beef production, but it is most often raised for its tenderloin cuts. The Beef master can be difficult to feed since it requires forage-based diets, but the quality of their meat makes them worth the effort. This breed gained popularity in the 1960s when ranchers found that their calves were more resistant to heat stress than other breeds due to their thick coats and well adapted digestive systems

The best breeds of cow depending on what you want to use them for

These are the best breeds of cow depending on what you want to use them for. If you want to milk a cow, then choose a Holstein-Friesian cow. These cows produce more milk per day than any other breed of cow. Another good choice is the Jersey or Guernsey breed; they produce less milk but it is higher quality and has less fat and protein than other breeds’ milks.

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If you are looking for meatier cows, then choose Angus or Hereford because these breeds have more meat on their bones and grow faster than other breeds. If you want horses to pull your wagon or ride in parades around town then draft horses are just what you need! Draft horses have powerful muscles that help them pull heavy loads such as plows through fields where farmers plant seeds into the ground so there will be food later in springtime when everything grows back again after winter passes away from us all (at least here in northern hemisphere).

In short, the best breed of cow depends on your needs. If you’re looking for a purebred animal for show or breeding purposes, then the Jersey and Guernsey breeds are perhaps the most popular options. However, if you want an animal that will produce large quantities of milk and meat every year in order to support your family, then Holstein-Friesian cattle might be ideal for you.


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