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Whats the best method to keep your tire inflated and don’t have a spare?

The tire ballast is not guaranteed to be a permanent solution, but it can help you get back on the road quickly. We recommend using it only if you are stranded in a safe location and need to get somewhere, or if there are no spare tires available at all.

The tire ballast will inflate your flat tires enough so that you can drive slowly until you reach an auto parts store or other location where you can buy new tires and have them installed immediately.

Buy a new spare tire.

  • Buy a new spare tire.
  • Buy a new tire and use the old one as ballast.
  • Buy a new spare tire, use the old one as ballast, and keep the old one as a spare.

Rent one.

It is not always possible to have a spare tire on hand. If you find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere without one, be sure to rent one.

There are many places where you can rent a spare tire from:

  • The home improvement store
  • The local auto shop (if they have any left)
  • A truck rental agency (you may need an extra large truck for this)

Keep a hold of your old tire.

You can use your old tires as a spare. If you have an extra tire, keep it in your trunk so that if you get a flat, you can replace the flat tire with the spare until you get to a shop for repairs. You might also want to carry around some tools in case the problem is something simple like removing a nail from your tire that would otherwise cause further problems were it left inside of there for too long (this has happened to me).

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A second option is to use old tires as weights for other sports equipment such as mini-trampolines and yoga mats. These items are usually very light but need enough weight on top of them to stay put when used indoors (and prevent injuries). Using old tires is one way to add more weight without needing additional purchases or having them shipped somewhere else first!

Another idea would be using this same technique when building small children’s toys: like swingsets made out of wood planks instead of rope because ropes tend not withstand high winds well enough whereas rope-based structures are vulnerable against any kind of weather condition (like high winds).

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Try some other methods like using soap or water.

If you’re not sure if your tire is flat, try applying soap and water. This is a time-honored method for checking a tire for air leaks, as the soap will form bubbles in the presence of air escaping from the inside of your tire. If you do see bubbles, then chances are good that there’s some sort of issue with your tire—but remember: it might be something as simple as a nail or other object stuck in between two layers of rubber.

If you’re still not sure what happened to your tires after applying soap and water (or if they don’t respond at all), then it’s time to enlist help from someone who knows how cars work—like me!

Use less air in your tire.

Use less air in your tire.

Use a tire inflator to add air to your tire.

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Use a compressor to add air to your tire.

Check the inflation pressure of the tires with a gauge, but not too often—it’s not good for them!

Use a compressor to make your own air hose.

If you have a tire inflator, the easiest way to make your own air hose is by taking a length of rubber tubing and tying it into a knot at one end. Connect that to the tire inflator, then connect the other end of the tubing to an air supply. Turn on both devices and watch as your own custom-made tire ballast inflates!

If you don’t have a tire inflator, but do have access to two bicycle pumps and some duct tape (or strong wire), you can make an air hose that works just as well as the one above. Take two lengths of rubber tubing—one long enough for connecting from your compressor’s outlet port through which air comes out when not being used; another shorter one for connecting from this first tube down into whatever container holds water/liquid for ballast in your car tires (such as old cans). With these ready-made components, it’s easy: just put them together with duct tape or wire! Then turn on both pumps until they’re making full pressure; then plug them into each other where they meet halfway between their outlets so all three are now connected together instead being separated by any distance whatsoever…

Tire ballast is not guaranteed to fix all your problems

Tire ballast is not a permanent solution. It may not be the right solution for you or your particular situation.

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Tire ballast may not be suitable for all tires, vehicles and drivers. It may not be suitable in all climates and conditions.

This product is meant as a temporary solution to weight distribution issues that affect some driver’s feeling of vehicle control. Tire ballast has no power source, so it can only store energy when under load from braking or acceleration—which means tire ballast won’t help you if you are cruising down the highway with no extra cargo on board


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