Average Hanging Weight Of Black Angus Steer

Average Hanging Weight Of Black Angus Steer


Black Angus beef has been the most popular breed of cattle in America for the past several years. Because of their lineage, they are hardier and more resistant to disease than your average bovine. They also tend to be larger and produce more meat. But that raises an important question: how much meat can one expect to get when raising a herd of Black Angus cattle? The answer will vary depending on the circumstances, but it’s worth knowing what you’re signing up for before you commit to this often-tempting investment.

Raw Weight

A steer’s raw weight is the weight of the animal before it is slaughtered. Raw weight refers to the unprocessed, uncooked weight of an animal. This includes everything that we eat in terms of steaks and chops, but not organs or bones.

The following chart shows how much each part of a steer weighs:

Hanging Weight

Hanging weight is the weight of an animal’s carcass when it’s slaughtered. This includes all edible portions of the animal, including its bones and internal organs. Hanging weight is also called “hot carcass weight” since it represents the live weight after slaughtering but before aging (where beef can lose up to 30% of its original weight).

Hanging weights are important because they determine how much money you’ll make on each cow sold at auction or to a packer. In any given year, hanging weights generally average around 475 lbs., but there are many factors that affect how much each animal will weigh—including genetics, feed quality and management practices.

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Dressing Percentage

Dressing percentage is a measure of the amount of weight that can be sold from an animal after it has been butchered. This number will vary from farm to farm and species to species, but in general, you can use this formula:

Dressing Percentage = (live weight x 8) / carcass weight

You’ll need to know the live weight and carcass weight of your animal before calculating its dressing percentage. If you don’t know how much each part weighs, there are resources online where you can look up figures for various parts of animals such as steers, cows and pigs. These include USDA charts on beef cuts that list average weights for different things like roasts or ribeyes (rump steaks). For turkeys and chickens, several websites also have handy charts with average weights per bird if you’re planning to make Thanksgiving dinner this year!

The average hanging weight of the black angus steer is 600 pounds.

The average hanging weight of the black angus steer is 600 pounds.

Hanging weight is approximately 75% of the raw weight, and it’s what you will get when you buy your beef from a butcher or processor.

The average dress out of a black angus steer is 442 pounds!

How Much Does a Cow Weigh? (Calf, Beef, & Dairy Cows) | Pet Keen

The hanging weight is approximately 75 percent of the raw weight, making it 442 pounds.

The average dressing percentage of a Black Angus steer is 75%. It is calculated by dividing the hanging weight by its live weight, then multiplying that number by 100. In other words, it’s 75% of 442 pounds, which means your steer will dress out to about 362 pounds (442 divided by .75). This percentage is called the dressing percentage.

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The average dressing percentage for Hereford steers is 80%, meaning they’ll weigh about 450 pounds before slaughter and yield about 380 pounds of meat when butchered (450 divided by .8).

This percentage is called the dressing percentage.

Dressing percentage is the amount of edible meat you get from a carcass after it has been processed. This percentage is called the dressing percentage. The range of dressing percentages for commercial beef cattle is between 55 and 65%. For example, a steer with a live weight of 1,200 pounds will have approximately 600 pounds of hanging weight and 400 pounds of edible meat.

If you were to calculate your own average hanging weight using this formula, do not add up all your animals’ separate weights and divide by two because that would be double counting each animal’s proportionate share in both sets of calculations!

The average dress out of a Black Angus steer is 442 pounds.

The average dressing percentage of a Black Angus steer is 75 percent. A 600-pound Black Angus steer will yield 450 pounds of retail cuts, which will include the following:

• Legs and loins (rounds, sirloins and ribs) totaling 175 pounds

• Chuck (shoulder clod) weighing 150 pounds

• Brisket weighing 40 pounds

• Short plate, flank steak and ground beef each make up 35 pounds worth of meat


The weight of a black angus steer is about seven hundred pounds or more. It depends on many factors such as age, feed, and type of meat that you want to produce. In conclusion, if you want to raise this type of cattle then make sure that they are healthy and well fed.

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