Animal Farm Propaganda Poster

Animal Farm Propaganda Poster

Product: Product is the animal farm poster. It’s a black and white poster with text that says “Animal Farm Propaganda Poster.” The design was created by modifying a stock image to fit the requirements of the assignment. The primary font used in this project is Helvetica Neue Black, which can be found at


The product is a propaganda poster. The product description says:

“This is a poster representing the animal farm book. It has a lot of information on it and can be used as an educational tool to teach others about the ideas in this book.”

The price of this item is $5,000 USD plus tax and shipping charges if applicable. The image shows three large pigs standing side by side with their arms crossed in front of them, looking over at two smaller pigs who are looking up at them from below. In the background there is a red flag with white writing reading “Animal Farm”.


The size of the poster is 1m by 1.5m. The format is A1 (1 m x 1.5 m). The background is white with a border around it, because it has to be a little bit bigger than an A3 one-sided piece of paper so that the text can fit on it without getting cropped out. The color scheme is blue, red, and white because those are the colors used in propaganda posters from this time period. I chose to use a serif font for my poster because it matches what people would have seen back then; there’s no reason why I should reinvent the wheel here!

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My Thoughts About the Project

I thought this was a good project to do, as I have never done anything like it before. I also enjoyed doing it and learned a lot about how to do a poster.

I learned more about the book, Animal Farm by George Orwell, after reading in class and researching on my own.

I learned how to do an animal farm poster.

As you can see, I’ve learned how to do an animal farm poster. My teacher was very helpful and showed me how to do it. It was a lot of fun!

I learned a lot from this project. I’ve never done any poster work before so it was good to learn about different formats and sizes, as well as how to make them look nice. The most difficult part for me was probably making sure everything fit together nicely without looking cluttered or messy! Overall though I’m happy with how it turned out so that’s all that matters right?

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