An Animal That Starts With O

An Animal That Starts With O

Otters are cute, and they’re even cuter when they vocalize. One of the most common sounds you’ll hear from an otter is a river’s roar, a low-pitched chirp that travels underwater to communicate with other otters. If you’re listening for it underwater on your next scuba dive, don’t be disappointed if you can’t quite make it out—it’s just one of several ways that these furry beasts communicate with each other.


Otters are mustelids, carnivores and semi-aquatic mammals. They spend a lot of their time in water but they don’t have gills like fish; instead they have lungs so they can breathe air as well as underwater. Otters are marine mammals that live near the sea or ocean.

Otters hunt for food on land but they spend most of their time diving into rivers, lakes and oceans to catch fish with their sharp claws, which are also used for climbing trees (they’re very good climbers!). Otter fur is used to make things like hats, coats and gloves because it’s warm even when wet! Some people will kill an otter just so they can take some fur from it, which isn’t fair because killing an animal just for its fur isn’t right at all…


The okapi is a mammal found in central Africa. It is a relative of the giraffe, and its closest living relative is the Asian giraffe (or “giraffa” sp.).

Okapis are threatened by habitat loss through deforestation and poaching, as they are hunted for their skins. The okapi population has declined by over 30% since 1980 due to these threats.



  • The orangutan is a great ape and the only exclusively Asian genus of extant great ape. Native to Indonesia and Malaysia, orangutans are currently found in only the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra.
  • The name “orangutan” derives from the Malay and Indonesian words orang (man) and hutan (forest), thus meaning “man of the forest”.
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The ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) is a wild cat distributed over South and Central America and Mexico. It was formerly classified as a member of the genus Leopardus and considered to be a subspecies of the margay, but it has been commonly regarded as a separate species since 1997.

The following year, four scientists decided that they would study these animals which meant that they needed to go on an expedition into the Amazon rainforest where they could find them. They set out on their adventure in June 2019 but unfortunately, only three of them came back alive! The one who died was killed by snakes after he fell into their nest while trying to get some eggs for his meal!


An ostrich is the largest living bird in the world. The male ostrich can weigh up to 350 pounds (159 kilograms) and stand over 9 feet tall (2 meters). The female ostrich weighs less than half as much as the male, but still weighs about 150 pounds (68 kilograms) and stands 7 feet tall (2 meters).

The ostrich has long legs that help it run faster than any other land animal on earth: up to 40 miles per hour (64 kilometers per hour)! An ostrich can outrun a horse or a human for several miles without stopping! This makes it difficult for predators such as lions, cheetahs and hyenas to catch an adult ostrich.

Ostriches have large eyes that allow them to see better than many animals during daylight hours when many predators are awake. They also have powerful wings that help them fly short distances when threatened by predators such as lions or cheetahs; however ostriches cannot fly like other birds because they do not have wing feathers made out of keratin proteins like most birds do–ostriches’ wings are covered with scales instead of feathers which make them too heavy for flight if they weighed more than 20 pounds (.9 kilograms).

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Oxen (also known as oxen or ox) are a type of large domesticated cattle trained as draft animals. Usually, an ox is a castrated male of the species Bos taurus (or sometimes Bos indicus). They are used for plowing and hauling heavy loads. Oxen can pull more weight, but take longer than horses to reach top speed.


The opossum is a small, omnivorous mammal that looks like a cross between a guinea pig and an overgrown mouse. It lives in the southern United States, Mexico and Central America.

The opossum has thick grayish-white fur with a bushy tail to help keep it warm while sleeping. Its face resembles that of a cat with its whiskers and pink nose. The male opossum has larger body hair than the female, but both sexes have long backside hair which helps them climb trees. Opossums are usually found in forests near water or marshes where they lay their eggs in hollow logs or stumps during early springtime when there is still snow on the ground outside!

Because these animals are nocturnal (active at night), you may not notice one if you ever come across one because they tend to be very quiet creatures unless threatened by predators such as coyotes or foxes who might try stealing some food from their nests while they’re sleeping inside their homes too!


Octopuses are cephalopods, a class of mollusks that includes squid. While they may not be the most popular creatures in the ocean (that honor belongs to dolphins), they’re certainly one of its most interesting.

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The octopus is a very intelligent animal and has even been taught to play chess! However, it has three hearts which means that it can live on land or in water: two for oxygen circulation and one for pumping blood around its body.



Ostrich is a medium-sized, flightless bird that lives in the savannas of Africa. It has a very long neck and legs. The ostrich needs to drink water every day but can go for months without food. When it does eat, it eats seeds, small animals, and insects. An ostrich egg weighs more than 2 pounds! The female lays her eggs in a nest on the ground; when she’s not laying eggs or caring for them, she spends most of her time searching for food in groups with other ostriches. Ostriches can run as fast as 40 miles per hour! They live up to 40 years when they’re raised by humans (which happens sometimes).

We hope that you enjoyed reading our list of animals that start with O. We think it’s important to know as many different kinds of animals as possible, so we want to encourage everyone who reads this blog post to share it with their friends and family members who might not be familiar with all of these creatures!

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