A Potatoe Flew Around My Room

A Potatoe Flew Around My Room

This is a short story that has been shared with me.

A Potatoe Flew Around My Room

A Potatoe Flew Around My Room is a short story about a boy who was disturbed by the sound of an object hitting his window. As he opened it to see what it was, he found that it was a potato that had flown through his room. The boy tried to figure out how this could have happened but soon gave up and went back to bed.

Before You Ask

What you have to ask yourself is: Why are you asking the questions? What do they add to your story? What will they accomplish in terms of the conversation, or your understanding of people and places? How can you ask a question that is meaningful and useful, rather than just another way of saying “tell me about yourself” or “explain this to me”?

A well-formed question should be grounded in one or more of these three areas:

  • Curiosity—the person being questioned has some knowledge that is interesting and new to the questioner.
  • Knowledge—the person being questioned has some knowledge that could be helpful to the questioner.
  • Understanding—the person being questioned holds beliefs or perspectives which may be different from those held by others and which therefore provide an opportunity for deeper insight into a particular situation or issue at hand.

But Why?

But Why?

This is a parody of the song “A Potatoe Flew Around My Room” which was written in the 1950s by Tom Lehrer. It’s a parody of another song called “A-Tisket, A-Tasket”, which was written much earlier than that, but we won’t go into that here. If you want to find out more about these songs (and many more), feel free to look them up on Wikipedia or whatever it is kids do these days when they want information about things like this.

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How to Remix a Song

  • Import the song into Audacity and cut out the part you want to remix.
  • Save it as a different file name than the original (you don’t want to lose your original source material) and export it as an MP3 or WAV format so that you can send it to someone else to mix with their own stuff, or upload it directly to Soundcloud or whatever service(s) you use for music sharing. If they have an instrumental version of their song already made up, then great! You have a head start on making something awesome together!

The point of this article is to show you how a simple song that may or may not have had its lyrics changed can be remixed and turned into something new. We hope that we have achieved that goal and that you are now inspired to try your hand at remaking your favorite songs into something new!

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