6 Inch Grain Bin Unloading Auger For Sale

This is a used 6 Inch Unloading Auger for a grain bin. This auger is for unloading only, and does not have the gears to be a sweep auger. The tube has about 10 holes in the sides of it (see pics). I do my best to describe each item correctly and provide pictures for your review. But, with all auction sales, it is ultimately the bidder’s responsibility to determine condition, authenticity, and completeness of an item prior to bidding. Please call me at 573-620-2982 if you have any questions or need additional information or pictures on this item.

6 inch grain bin unloading auger for sale.

This 6 inch grain bin unloading auger is an unused piece of equipment that has been on a grain farm for only two years. It is a 42 foot length, and the diameter of the auger is 6 inches. The auger was used in a grain truck to transport corn from one location to another, but now it’s time to sell!

The price is $3,000 or best offer. Shipping costs included within continental US borders only; if you are outside this area then we will need to discuss shipping options further with you before buying or selling any equipment.

42 foot long.

This grain bin unloading auger is 42 feet long and 6 inches in diameter. It has been used for about 2 years only, and has never been abused or damaged. It will come with the power distribution box and a remote control system that can be installed on any wall in your home or business.

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The auger will fit most grain bins, but if you have something unusual we recommend calling before purchasing to make sure it’s compatible with your particular bin.

Only used 2 years total.

This grain bin unloading auger only has 2 years of use. It was used in a grain bin and only for unloading grain from the bin.

It is capable of moving up to 3,000 pounds per minute, or 10 tons per hour (theoretical). It is also equipped with a power take-off shaft that can be set at any speed you need it to be at—how fast can you empty your grain bin? The PTO shaft is capable of turning at speeds up to 1,200 RPM!

This auger has been tested and inspected by trained professionals and found to be in good working condition.

$3,000 or best offer, delivery included.

We have a 6 inch grain bin unloading auger for sale. The price is $3,000 or best offer and delivery included. This is a great machine for farmers looking to save time and money on their grain harvest, but we’re willing to negotiate the price if you’re interested in buying it.

I have a 6 inch grain bin unloading auger for sale

I have a 6 inch grain bin unloading auger for sale. The 42 foot long auger has been used in a 2 year period and has only been used 2 times. The auger is in good condition, however it is starting to show some wear and tear from the use it’s had during this short period of time.

The total length of the auger is approximately 50 feet, but due to its design it does not need much more room than that when being stored or transported around your farm/ranch.

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This piece of equipment has only been used on one occasion which was when my mother-in-law bought this property last year and decided she wanted me to clear out her grain bins so she could use them again next season!

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