Dry Fertilizer Semi Tender Trailer For Sale

Dry Fertilizer Semi Tender Trailer For Sale

We have a Dry Fertilizer Semi Tender Trailer for sale. This trailer has a capacity of 5,000 US gallons and is in very good condition. The maximum gross weight of this unit is 73,280 lbs with an empty weight of 17,860 lbs. Its length is 45 feet with a width of 96 inches and a height of 119 inches. If you would like to learn more about this trailer, please contact us today!

Dry Fertilizer Semi Tender Trailer For Sale

The trailer is a 1250 cu.ft. capacity dry fertilizer semi tender, with 2 hoppers and 2 compartments, each with its own controller. It has a tarp that can be removed for easy dump access, a 4′ gate on the rear door, hydraulic rear door with pto pump for opening and closing, 2 sets of lights to help you see at night (1 set per hopper), and more!

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Capacity: 1250 Cu.ft.

The capacity of this semi trailer is 1250 cubic feet, or approximately 9.5 tons. This is the maximum amount of dry fertilizer that can be carried by the trailer (though it’s important to note that some states have restrictions on how much you can carry).

When you’re transporting dry fertilizer in a semi-tender, it’s important to keep in mind that multiple loads will take up more space than one load would occupy–so although the total weight may not seem extremely heavy at first glance, if you’re carrying multiple loads then each individual load will be heavier than expected!

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2 Hoppers, 2 Compartments, 2 Controllers

This semi trailer is equipped with 2 hoppers, 2 compartments and 2 controllers. The hoppers are located at the front and rear of the trailer and can be controlled independently by one or two operators on the ground. This makes it easy to fertilize while driving down the road without having to stop or turn around.

The compartments come in handy when you need more than one type of fertilizer delivered at once. Each compartment has its own separate motorized valves so you can decide how much fertilizer comes out of each side of your truck as well as what types go into each side (some farmers prefer different types for different crops).

Tarp, 4′ Gate

The tarp, in addition to the 4′ gate, makes it very easy to secure your trailer. The tarp is large enough to cover the entire trailer and it’s removable so you can take it out if you don’t need it. It’s also easy to put back in so there’s no time spent struggling with a difficult fitting piece of equipment.

Hyd. Rear Door With PTO Pump

The trailer is equipped with a hydraulic rear door that allows you to access your fertilizer from the back of the trailer. The PTO pump allows you to pour your dry fertilizer into the hopper as well as empty it into your truck bed. It also has two hoppers, two compartments and two controllers (one for each compartment). Each compartment has its own tarp so if one of them breaks or becomes damaged, you can still keep working with only 1/2 of the trailer until you get it repaired. The gate is 4 feet tall so that should be enough room for most trucks or tractors to drive through without hitting their roofs on top of this semi-tender dry fertilizer trailer!

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